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Can CleansWip help in sanitizing my office?
CleansWip offers exceptional in-house cleaning services for homes and business sectors. You can use our business cleaning services for
Is CleansWip a reliable company to work with?
Yes! We ensure that the services are managed according to the schedule and that our workforce is ready to finalize tasks. Before commencing work, our employees undergo a rigorous vetting process that makes them fit for our organization. So, take a backseat and see our cleaners get the job done in quick time.
What if I am not satisfied with CleansWip commercial cleaning service?
In that case, you can contact CleansWip customer care immediately to file a complaint. We will send an investigation team that will cater to your issue in an efficient way.
Does CleansWip offer cleaning services in Los Angeles County?
Yes, we offer services in Los Angeles County. In addition, we provide our services in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. You can reach us by phone for more details.
Can someone acquire your cleaning services for events?
Yes! Our services are available for commercial places that host events such as marriages, parties, and more. Kindly call us in advance if you want to avail our services.
Do I have to pay for an estimate?
We don't charge for estimations. You can call us to plan an appointment if interested in our services. For a free assessment, one of our cleaning supervisors will visit your home or place of business. As part of our deal, we will create a cleaning schedule and a checklist of services tailored to your needs. Within 24 hours of the assessment, you will receive a response and a quote.
Do you provide guarantees?
Yes, we do! If there is any issue regarding work, we immediately send an official to address it. In addition, you are not required to pay for cleaning services that you find inadequate. We offer you nothing less than exceptional work if you choose to invest in our cleaning services.

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